Bangle made of stingray


Padded bangle made of stingray leather 30mm

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Bangle made of stingray leather, carabineer and small chain made of 925 sterling silver.

5mm diameter, length 18cm

Due to its’ flexibility the bangle fits to every wrist. To keep the form of the bangle a steel rail is included. 

Color on picture: coral, fuchsia and citron


Information on stingray leather:

The leather we use for our production is from the ventral part of the ray. The unique pattern of this area has a caviar bead similar look. Towards the middle of the skin, the beads are bigger: this is the so called eye or crown. After tanning, the skins obtain the polished finish from an additional sanding. This treatment guarantees vibrant, shiny colours and a soft feel.
Due to individual textures of each skin the finish and colour may vary, which enhances the individuality of each jewellery piece or accessory made of this material.

Under no threat of extinction, stingrays are fished as edible fish throughout many regions of Southeast Asia, which makes the leather to a side product of a useful protein source.

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