With her predilection for extraordinary designs and exotic materials, the owner Lia Fallschessel established cuckoo moment… as a company and a brand in 2005 and has continuously expanded the collection ever since.

“a cuckoo moment“ that’s how New Yorkeresses call it when they give in to the yearning for their newest must-have. This passion inspired the luxury accessories label to be named after.

Featuring ground-breaking designs for exotic varieties of leather and skins, the collection has been continuously upgraded. Starting with ray skin, the materials used today now include ostrich leg skin leather, crocodile skin, hand-painted snake skin, including python, and combined with sterling silver or gold and genuine precious stones. they result in a symbiosis, which gives us this ‘cuckoo moment’.

“Desirability is something quite wonderful”, Lia Fallschessel says knowingly.

cuckoo moment… designs unique jewelery and accessories for that quite special moment. Bracelets, shoes or handbags, immersed in intense fashionable colors awaking a passion for luxury and destined to become it pieces and classics. cuckoo moment… also allows customers to realise their very own wishes down to the last detail. Almost all of the products can be individualised through the selection of gold or silver, the leather/skin, the colouring and the precious stones.